Housekeeping cottages renovated

«Z&Z Cleaning Services» – Cleaning company that specializes in cleaning services residential and commercial premises! Housekeeping cottages renovated – one of the main directions of our work, which is engaged in the implementation of the best highly competent specialists.

Our main goal – to provide you the most reasonable price, and the highest professional performance of the services. We guarantee you the best quality of their execution, and quite reasonable prices. The Z & Z Cleaning Services, you can get a specialized and highly professional cleaning services all over Kiev and the region, at affordable cost!

Today, there are many, like ours, cleaning companies, dealing with cleaning. But, not every one of them can boast of a reasonable value for money. For our professionals do not have difficulties in your work! We provide high quality services, regardless of the complexity of the object. Only our company is able to offer such attractive terms – the highest and unsurpassed performance of the services, at the best value and attractive!

Our team of professionals united with dexterity uses high-tech tools for the job, as well as better detergents. We can provide you not only the purity and freshness of the premises, but also comfort. You never have to worry about the safety of your expensive items, furniture – because his work we carry out extremely carefully, and high-quality.

Carried out by us highly quality cleaning services, will be able to satisfy even the most demanding and fastidious customer. Housekeeping cottages renovated – made by our specialists to fully answer all of your existing requests at the affordable price!

Cleaning after repair and construction

Finally ended repair and you have a lot of cleaning to which it is worth spending a lot of time and effort? In this case, do not panic, but just call the cleaning company Z&Z Cleaning Services, for which Cleaning after repair and construction – this is a usual thing to be performed quickly and easily into whether express line at an affordable.

It should be noted that we produce cleaning after construction in the middle of the premises so on attached to them territory. Her services include the loading and removal of debris after the construction, as well as high-quality cleaning cement residue, a variety of paints and a variety of complex construction pollution.

All work offered by the company are carried out efficiently and rapidly whether express line experienced high profile artists.

What sways the cost of services, as a rule, for every person it is calculated individually, it depends on some nuances that should be taken into consideration: the type, the type and complexity of the work, the terms of its execution and so on.

In order to start cooperation with our company need only refer to the consultants specified contact numbers, after which they will be sent an application and specialist appraiser who will gather the necessary information and will call pre-order price. After that, a team of specialists with the equipment arrives at the subject and will take up work.

There are several types of cleaning, that can be ordered from us, which will be suitable for you.  Cleaning after repair and construction will be executed in the best possible way, so everyone will be satisfied with the result. After that you need a room or building can be put into operation.

Apartment cleaning after repair price Kiev

Everyone knows that the repairs in the apartment business is quite long and requires a lot of costs, but at least once every 5-6 years to do it is necessary. But if with the construction companies who provide services for the repair, Apartment cleaning after repair price Kiev, on which may vary depending on the clearing company and its experience in the market of such services may complicate your choice.

The list of these services can include both work on debris removal and surface cleaning of building dust and other contaminants. The purpose of such cleaning is to clean up the premises of the remains of large and small construction waste, as well as high-quality cleaning plumbing, floors and windows, after which usually occurs furniture installation and entry owners. It’s pretty hard work, which is befitting to perform with the utmost care and attention. That is why more and more people of Kiev chooses our company. We have all the necessary tools and supplies for a complete list of works posleremontnogo cleaning.

The standard range of works on cleaning at the end of the repair part of the wet cleaning of floors, and free from dust furniture surfaces. Also to clean interior, curtain rods and blinds, mirror and glass surfaces, as well as switches, sockets and bulbs. Our experts can be done rubbing all door units and removal of local pollution, as well as the polishing of glass and wooden interior poverhnostey. Apartment cleaning after repair price Kiev, on which we have always democratic, you can fast and worry-free from all the effects work repairers for a short period. This will allow you to quickly set up all the necessary furniture and start a new happy life in its updated apartment!


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