Regular Cleaning services are usually performed weekly or bi-weekly, we also offer 3 and 4 week rotation service, as well as “call only when needed” service. Each home is custom bid to meet the customers’ needs with a guarantee on the quality of work performed. Sometimes between work and home life things like cleaning the house get put on the back burner for way too long. This is when hiring a regular cleaning service such as Z&Z Cleaning Services would be helpful in free up more and individuals’ time to spend with their family or do other things they’ve always wanted to do like take up a hobby or an exercise program.


Regular home maintenance program typically includes cleaning of all the surfaces, furniture, household appliances and the electronics.

Bathroom services include:

Bathtubs and Showers; Sinks; Toilets; Floors; Mirrors; Empty wastebaskets; Changing of Linen (optional).

Kitchen services include:

Clean outside of all appliances; Inside of microwave; Stovetop; Burner Pans; Countertops; Sinks; Floors; Top of refrigerator; Table & chairs.

Other Room (Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms) services include:

Dust and Vacuum all living spaces; Dust window sills and ledges, picture frames and knickknacks; Check for cobwebs; Dust reachable light fixtures and furniture; Vacuum stairways and entry floors vacuum and or washed.

Spring Cleaning
Move in/out Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning
Special Occasion Cleaning
Yard Clean Up
Windows Cleaning